Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Comfort Zone

A friend of mine posted on FB (Facebook) that she was "in the the zone". Of course I immediately wondered which zone she meant. And that got me thinking about my preferred zone: The Comfort Zone.

I like comfort. Flannel jammies. Soft kitties. Skin-reddening baths. Chocolate. Red wine. For sleep and down time, these creature comforts are perfectly acceptable. Necessary even, in this hectic, hurly burly world. Stress is not a good zone to linger in for too long. It is, however, a good place to enter occasionally when it comes to work/career, and physical fitness.

Hard work. Risk. A willingness to let go of convention and venture into something a little terrifying, or challenging. Keeps the blood hot, and the mind quick; qualities imperative to survival. To life.

It's come to me that it's time for me to venture out of my comfort zone, challenge myself with something new. I have no idea what that looks like yet, but at least I'm aware and open to opportunity.

What's your preferred zone? How often do you venture out, or do you? If you could do anything, knowing that you would not fail, what would you do? Please share in the comments. I'm always interested in new ways to traumatize energize body and soul.


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