Friday, April 29, 2011

Where There's Will...

...there will be Kate. And I couldn't be happier.

Daughter and I sacrificed sleep last night to watch William and Kate wed under the loving watch of a few million people. Wow.

The last time I sacrificed sleep for a Royal event, was the night Lady Diana died. I stayed up all night, sobbing, ensnared by the horrific media coverage of the accident, and eventually, confirmation of her death. Only my grandmother's passing left me feeling as disconsolate.

Lady Diana was a lady. Giving, generous, gentle, and kind, she exemplified the good in humanity. Thankfully, her eldest son chose to adopt and live those qualities. Respectful, thoughtful, and honorable, he represents the Ideal Prince, the one waltzing in many young girls' dreams, the one found between the pages of those same girls' romance novels two, three, and four or more decades later, only William's heart belongs to Kate. Or, as she'll now be formally addressed, Lady Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. To the masses, however, she will be forever known by a more affectionate title, one that reveres in her the same grace, virtue, and temperance they loved in Lady Di: Kate.

Though some criticize the fan fare and expense of a royal wedding during tough economic times, and some even question the validity of maintaining a monarchy in a modern age, I appreciate Prince William and Lady Catherine's courage.

They stood before clergy, family, friends, and indeed the whole world, in representation of what romance readers look for in the novels they buy, and what most people on this planet want, especially in times of austerity and uncertainty: love, hope, happiness, respect, and acceptance. I wish them all that, and more.


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