Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Oh Don't You See

A number of people have shared with me in recent weeks how they've struggled over the last few months to feel optimistic, energetic. I've been one of them. We all agreed that the prolonged rain and cold and lack of sun played a big part. But another large player in our overall mood this winter has been the ongoing chaos in the US following the Jan 20th election, chaos that this week appears to be escalating toward war with North Korea.

There isn't a lot many of us can do about that. Not with this administration that seems to have its ear to a completely different ground than the one most of us are living on...

Diversity? LGBT? Tolerance? Health care? World peace? Environment? It's like they all time-traveled here from the 1750s and have no concept of what any of those terms mean. Fortunately, there is a strong force of intelligent, wise, and compassionate people trying to educate them.

People are marching on the WH, and protesting through out the world. Lawyers, and Mayors, and Governors, and other concerned people are fighting irrational and divisive EOs. People are speaking out on Twitter and Facebook. Some are donating to the ACLU, Meals on Wheels, and National Parks, organizations either actively fighting, or in imminent threat from, orders fired down from on high. And don't even get me started on the Russia thing.

In short, this new administration has stirred up a whole world of ugly. And a whole world of amazing unity and strength of purpose dedicated to preserving and protecting not only USA's Rights And Freedoms, but the world's. Lately, in me, the continual barrage of negative news coming out of the WH has stirred up an ear worm: Oh Can't You See, by The Police, only in my mind I changed the opening lines.

Today, in the spirit of procrastination, and I Need To Make Myself Laugh Before I Cry, I rewrote and re-titled the song. Same tune. You're welcome to sing along...

Oh Don't You See
                                                         by Deborah

Every law you break
Every decision you make
Every FL trip you take
Every good thing you raze
We'll be watching you

Every EO you sign
Every single lie
Every tweet let fly
Environmental protection let die
We'll be watching you

Why can't you see
We're a democracy
How our poor hearts ache
With every misstep you make

Every false allegation you raise
Every Russian friend you've made
Every tear you fake
Every heart you break
We'll be watching you

Since you've been Prez, we've lost the faith
We miss 44 even more when we see your face
We plead for Reason, someone wise to take your place
This world's gone cold, needs a happy change
And oh, btw, we're not going away

Oh don't you see
You should be impeached
How our poor hearts ache
With every day you stay

Every missile strike
Every health care assault
Every travel ban
Every single fault
We'll be watching you

Great men undertake great things because they are great; fools, because they think them easy. ~Vauvenargues

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