Thursday, July 23, 2015

Summer Tidings

Summer is my favorite season. The hotter the better. While my dear hubs grumbles and lumbers around like a polar bear meandering the Sahara in search of water and shade, I bask like a lizard in the glow of 90+ degrees. I would make a good Tropical transplant. Hubs, not so much.

This summer is one of the best so far of the last few years. 2011 was work/health-related drama and trauma; 2012 ushered in total life-style turmoil as we faced a big move for work. 2013 was a mixed bag of emotions as our house lingered on a flat real-estate market, a glitch in our move plans that enabled us to help with Daughter's wedding; and trust me, it's easier to plan/organize/and assist with a wedding when you live in the same town, than it is when you're 400 miles away (as I'm learning this year). 2014 proved insane as the house finally sold and we ended up homeless for two months. Summer 2015, however, is proving to be the summer that makes up for it all.

Youngest graduated in June. Sister hosted the fantastic family BBQ held to celebrate said youngest's accomplishment (who am I trying to fool? It was a party for Hubs and I to recognize OUR achievement in seeing four children through a combined 52 years of schooling. Go us!), and soon our family will come together again to celebrate mine and Hub's 20th wedding anniversary. And that's only a small part of the delight this summer brings.

Also on the agenda:

Bridal shower and Stag for soon-to-be-Daughter-in-Law and Son respectively
A 50th Birthday celebration for friends
Trip to Softball City to cheer on cousin's daughter who's playing in Western Canadian Fastpitch Championship
Helping Daughter move back to BC
Helping Mother move closer to me (after four years she finally SOLD!)
A San Diego trip with friends.

To say I'm excited, is to say Donald Trump likes to express his opinion. It's a stellar summer so far, and will only get better. Surprisingly, with all the big events to attend/plan/organize, I am writing. More than ever. And loving it. Busy is, as busy does. Speaking of busy...

Have to run. Son's lacrosse game starts in twenty minutes.

The white light streams down to be broken up by those human prisms into all the colors of the rainbow. Take your own color in the pattern and be just that. ~Charles R. Brown

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