Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Daughter, A Wedding, and Nieces, Oh My!

This summer was one for the record books. Numerous long-distance road trips, and helping organize, shop, prepare, and lose sleep over potential forgotten details for daughter's wedding, along with a week-long (whee!) sleepover with my nieces the week before the wedding (they were the loveliest of flower girls) kept me hopping the last six weeks. And oh, what a blast we had!

The wedding went off with almost no glitches thanks to my daughter and new son-in-law's talented and thoughtful organizational skills and gracious family and friends who assisted; two missing boutonnieres (thank you Theresa at Safeway for whipping them up shortly before we left for ceremony); the bride almost arriving at ceremony site before groom and bridal party (thank dog for cellphones (and to you honey for checking with the groom)); last-minute (superbly discounted) purchase of roses to pluck petals for flower girls to sprinkle (again, thank you young man at Safeway for rounding them up for us!), and we were off and running.

Photo by Darwin Anderson
Overcast skies made for gratefully cooler weather for guests (outdoor ceremony) and most-excellent lighting for photographs; a light rain shower (thankfully after guests departed ceremony site for indoor reception location) to offer good luck for the bride and groom's future together (thank you to limo driver from Lasting Impressions who protected daughter during bridal-party group photos by holding umbrella over her each time she stepped out of shelter); simple, yet elegant flowers from the wonderful people at Ye Olde Flower Shoppe; a fabulous catered meal (Rosa, you and your team from Bon Appetito Catering rock!) enhanced by fresh prime-rib roasts straight from a cattle ranch courtesy of the bride's father (my ex) and topped off with exquisite cupcakes and wedding cake made with love by Dina; the best MC a bride and groom could hope for (thank you Mo; you ran a tight, and beautifully orchestrated ship with great humor and a dash of devilry, and thank you Cindy for your graceful background assistance); gorgeous and gallant attendants of the bride and groom (tricked out in Vancouver Canuck colors!); stunning teaser photos already posted on Facebook by Floating Lights Photography; a handsome groom (thank you Ian and Donna--you raised a compassionate, honest, hardworking and generous soul I am so grateful to call my daughter's husband and my son-in-law); a resplendent bride (I love you baby!); fabulous family and friends made for a memorable and absolutely delightful day and evening. It was all I hoped for for my daughter, and more.

That was my summer. How was yours?


Success, which is something so simple in the end, is made up of thousands of things, we never fully know what. ~Rainer Maria Rilke

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Lara Lacombe said...

I'm so glad the wedding went off without a hitch! I love the color of her bridesmaid dresses--lovely shade of green.

Hope you're catching up on your rest now! :)