Sunday, November 6, 2011


One of the great things about being a writer, is meeting and learning from other writers, authors who may not be internationally well-known like Nora Roberts, or Nelson DeMille, but whose talent knocks your socks off, writers like Joanna Bourne.

 Black Hawk

Attacked on a rainy London street, veteran spy Justine DeCabrillac knows only one man can save her: Hawker, her oldest friend . . . her oldest enemy. London's crawling with hidden assassins and someone is out to frame Hawker for murder. The two spies must work together to find who's out to destroy them...

If you've not read Jo's books, do. Her fourth novel, The Black Hawk, still warm from the printing presses, is already nominated for the Romantic Times Historical Romance Novel of the Year...

Romantic Times Rating - 4 1/2 stars..."Bourne grips readers from the beginning and holds them to the very end of her powerfully written thriller. Few authors delve into espionage in France and England with as much panache as Bourne, nor do many bring their characters through decades in flashbacks with aplomb. This is a novel romance that readers won’t forget."

Jo is an author you can't forget. Her characters, unforgettable. Buy now. I guarantee you will not be disappointed.



Anonymous said...

I agree--this was an awesome book!

Deborah said...

I can't wait to read it - I LOVED her others - and I'm saving this one for a Christmas present...being a bibliophile, the only thing that rings my bell at Christmas is a tree-load of books. Family would shoot me if I robbed them of their "one perfect" gift (not counting bubble bath). ;)